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Scholarship Applications 2018-19

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School District # 57 Awards Program information

School Awards Program Information:

2018-19 DPSS School Awards Booklet.pdf

2018-19 Award Application.pdf

BC Excellence Scholarship: Deadline February 13th.

BC Excellence Scholarship - Please submit to counselling

Applications for the BC Excellence and Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarships: Deadline February 24th, 2019. Information on these and other scholarships are available on the Provincial Scholarships Program Information for Students web page: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/education-training/k-12/support/scholarships/provincial-scholarships. Please contact scholarships@gov.bc.ca if you have any questions.


To celebrate its upcoming 50th anniversary, CNC has dedicated $100,000 to the creation of new student entrance awards for the 2019/2020 academic year. This is the first time that entrance awards have been offered at CNC.
There are 94 awards altogether to be given out, with 5 specifically designated for Aboriginal domestic students, 5 for non-Aboriginal domestic students, and 5 for international students. The remaining 79 will be awarded to applicants going into specific program areas.
No special awards application is necessary - students who apply for the 2019 Fall and 2020 Spring semesters by11:59PM PST on March 17, 2019 are automatically eligible for entrance awards. Applications can be submitted online at [ http://cnc.bc.ca ]cnc.bc.ca or in person at their campus. Students who have already applied earlier in the year will automatically be put into consideration for these entrance awards.
Please promote the attached poster on all of your media and advertising channels at your school. For more information, visit[ http://www.cnc.bc.ca/entranceawards ]www.cnc.bc.ca/entranceawards or contact either myself or the Financial Aid & Awards office at[ mailto:finaid@cnc.bc.ca ]finaid@cnc.bc.ca or 250-561-5838.

NNW Foundation.pdf - Scholarship Deadline - May 31/19

COFI Forestry Scholarship - Deadline May 31st, 2019. 

COFI Scholarship Package

COFI Application Form

Automotive Scholarship and Bursaries 2019 - Deadline: June 30th 2019 The Automotive Retailers Foundation (ARFI) is dedicated to promoting the Automotive Industry as a viable source of employment in British Columbia. Statistics show that there is an increasing demand for skilled labour in the Automotive Industry. Properly trained technicians will be able to find well-paid, life-long, viable employment in the Automotive Industry in B.C.

 In order to help students gain the training and experience they need to become certified technicians the ARFI is offering ten awards ranging from $500 to $5,000 each. The awards are comprised of eight scholarships and two bursaries.

 Please note: Students must be enrolled full-time for the year of the scholarship. For instance, applicants who apply in 2019 must be enrolled for the September 2019-2020 academic year.

 The following 10 awards are offered in 2019:

 ARFI - Bob Clarke Memorial $2000 (quantity 1)

ARFI - BC Auto Recyclers Bursary $2000 (quantity 2)

ARFI - Scholarship - Automotive Trades Development $2000 (quantity 2)

ARFI - Scholarship - Apprenticeship – 2nd year applicants $2000 (quantity 1)

ARFI - Scholarship - Apprenticeship – 3rd year applicants $2000 (quantity 1)

ARFI - Ed Coates - Automotive Red Seal Trade Award $5000 (quantity 1)

ARFI - William (Willie) Freeburn - Automotive Glass Technician Award $500 (quantity 2)

 New for 2019: Training, Education & Career Advancement Bursary

 Four bursary awards providing up to $2000 for continuing education tuition related to an automotive career. This bursary focuses on all aspects of the Automotive Industry in B.C., not just 'hands-on' trades. Accounting, Sales, Management, Payroll, Human Resources, Marketing, Computer Support, Technical Occupations, and many other areas are equally critical to business success. To be eligible, applicants must have graduated from secondary school. The training / education applied for must be offered through a recognized training provider/facility and relate to some aspect of the Automotive Industry in B.C.

Here is the link to the outlines and application forms for the ARFI awards.



TD Canada Trust Scholarships for Community Leadership -

Deadline:  November 18

  • Value includes full tuition plus up to $7,500 in living expenses
  • Must be used at an approved Canadian University or College
  • The key criterion is outstanding community leadership in balance with academic achievement
  • Must submit an essay describing community leadership involvement
  • Must submit a letter of recommendation from your school
  • Additional information at www.tdcanadatrust.com/scholarship



UBC:Major Entrance Scholarship, Schulich Leadership Scholarships, Entrance Award and Aboriginal Awards - Deadline: December 1

  • Value ranges from one time awards of $5000, renewable awards from$12,000 to $40,000 payable over four years
  • Separate online applications for UBC and UBC Okanagan
  • Must be an "outstanding" academic student or have financial need
  • Must demonstrate ability to lead in at least one of the following areas: artistic endeavors, original intellectual pursuits, community service, athletics, and school activities (Schulich )
  • Major Entrance Scholarship based on Academic and Personal Profiles.
  • Must see counsellor to be nominated for Schulich Leadership Scholarship
  • More info: http://you.ubc.ca/tuition-scholarships/




Burger King Scholars Program - Opens in October; deadline December 15





University of Alberta  Student Awards -

Deadline: December 15 for most awards

  • Grade 12 student
  • 80% or higher grades
  • Various awards from $1000 to $50,000
  • Academic and Leadership Awards
  • Plan to enroll in University of Alberta in fall of graduation year.
  • www.registrar.ualberta.ca/awards,  apply on-line
  • Apply through Bear Tracks online beginning in mid-October



University of Northern British Columbia -

 Deadline: December 15 to March 1 depending on award

  • Value from $250 to $9,000
  • Academic, Leadership and Bursary Awards
  • Online application available in Mid-October
  • Other awards application online at:
  • http://www.unbc.ca/financial-aid




University of Calgary Awards - Deadline:  December 15 or March 1

  • Value $500-$10,000 , some renewable, must apply to get UofC ID#
  • Must have strong academic standing (Minimum 80% average or better)
  • Must have exceptional contribution to school and/or community
  • Must demonstrate strong indication of academic promise
  • Various other entrance awards also available (80% or better)
  • For more information or to apply visit: http://www.ucalgary.ca/registrar/finances/awards



Building Brighter Futures-Bursaries and Scholarship Awards -

  • Indspire- Indigenous education: Canada's future
  • Fomerly the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation.
  • Extensive student awards program for First Nation, Inuit, and Metis students pursuing post-secondary studies.
  • Various awards from government agencies, private sector, and corporate partners
  • See website for more information: www.indspire.ca



Additional Websites of Note:


BC Student Loans Program                                                  https://studentaidbc.ca/

Post Secondary Information                                                www.bc-perspectives.ca/

BC Secondary Graduation Program                                   www.bced.gov.bc.ca/graduation/

Financial Aid Information                                                    www.finaid.org/finaid/canfunds.html

General Post Secondary Information                                www.educationplanner.bc.ca


Career Information                                                                http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/audiences/youth/index.shtml


BC Post Secondary Transfer Guide                                     http://www.bctransferguide.ca/

Ontario University/College Information Service             http://www.ontransfer.ca/www/index_en.php


The above links will take you to most post-secondary institutions in Canada and government websites. We have college and university calendars available for you to look through in the counselling area, however, the most current source of information will be on the post-secondary institutions' website(s).


For Canadian Scholarship Information, please note these Web Sites:

  • There are only four weeks left to submit sponsored applications. Your high school can sponsor up to three candidates for our university scholarships, including 32 Loran Awards valued at $100,000 each and 94 finalist/provincial awards, before October 19th.

    Grade 12 students can start their application today at apply.loranscholar.ca. They may also view our application overview and a sample application form.

    Here are the steps to sponsor candidates: Candidates wishing to be sponsored must select Sponsored by my school in the online application, and then enter the name and email address of the designated school contact in the Educational Background section.

    Every candidate must get a reference letter, whether they end up in the sponsored or direct pool. The candidate needs to finalize their part of the online application in order to have the reference request email sent. The word limit is 250 words.

    Once the reference letter has been submitted, the school contact will receive an email allowing them to log in and confirm whether or not the student is being sponsored by the school. The online sponsorship form takes about 2 minutes to complete. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that both the reference writer and the school contact have sufficient time to complete their parts before the deadline. We are reminding all candidates of this fact. If a student's sponsorship form is not complete by October 19, that student will be entered into the direct pool.

    What We Look For: As you know, our selection criteria are character, service and leadership. We are looking for young people who deeply value honesty, are curious by nature and are interested in a wide range of subjects. The scholars we select are willing to take meaningful risks and prioritize results over appearances. Each one has shown a sustained commitment to service in the community, has taken the initiative to create positive changes and is interested in working for a better world.

    Direct Pool: If more than three students are interested in applying, please encourage the other students to apply to our direct pool. We understand that there are sometimes more qualified candidates than there are sponsorship spots, and offer the direct pool process for this reason. Although sponsored candidates have historically received more provincial awards and honour citations, we select Loran Scholars through both application processes.