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December 2016 Edgewood PAC News!

​Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

December Upcoming Events:

Thursday, Dec. 15:  Hot Lunch—Hot Dogs and veggies

Popcorn Day:  Sadly, our popcorn maker made its last bag of popcorn on October's movie night, but a new one has been purchased, so look forward to popcorn again in January!

Item of Interest:

The PAC Pedestrian and Sidewalk Committee recently met with City Council to promote a sidewalk that extends all along Churchill Road and Stevens Road to the school.  A sidewalk would make it safer for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic to travel to and from the school.  Thanks to the Pedestrian and Sidewalk Committee! 


A big THANK YOU to all the students and their families and friends that made this year's Purdy's fundraiser a success!

Money earned through fundraisers goes back to the students to help fund fieldtrips, equipment, school events and more.

Volunteers wanted:

The Yearbook Committee is looking for individuals who are interested in making pages for the yearbook. 

We have many events happening throughout the year that will require volunteers to make them successful.  There are many ways to help, big and small—it is all appreciated!  Contact us to find out how you can join in the fun of volunteering!  

Connect with us:

Ask questions to current PAC executive members:  Jamie Hill (Secretary), Kristi Kennedy (Co-Chair), Lacey Ralston (Treasurer), Shara Schenk (Co-Chair)

Attend our monthly PAC meetings

Like and follow our Facebook page:  Edgewood PAC

Sign up for email from our PAC executive members at edgewoodelementarypac@gmail.com



PAC Agenda - 2015_09_22 AGM.pdf
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PAC Minutes - 2015_06_08.pdf
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PAC Minutes - 2015_09_22 AGM.pdf
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