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Kindergarten Gradual Entry

May 26, 2015

School District 57 – Prince George wants each student to experience a positive start to their school career.  With this is mind, Kindergarten Gradual Entry is an important factor in setting up our youngest learners for school success from the very first day of Kindergarten.

 The Schedule for Polaris Montessori Students is:


DateTimeHours*Students Need:
Wednesday, Sept. 9th8:37 – 9:401Nothing
Thursday, Sept. 10th8:37 – 10:101.5Snack
Friday, Sept. 11th8:37 – 10:101.5Snack
Monday, Sept. 14th8:37 – 10:101.5Snack
Tuesday, Sept. 15th8:37 – 10:101.5Snack
Wednesday, Sept. 16th8:37 – 10:502Snack
Thursday, Sept. 17th8:37 – 11:303Snack
Friday, Sept. 18th8:37 – 12:003.5 Snack and Lunch


During the Kindergarten Gradual Entry Process:

  • All Kindergarten students will come to school for 60 minutes on the first day, Wednesday, September 9, 2015.
  • Eight days for gradual entry is consistent across the district for full day Kindergarten, however, times of attendance and groupings of students will vary from school to school.  Please check your school website or office for more detailed information
  • The phasing-in of small groups and shortened attendance times allows for a gentle introduction to Kindergarten and builds a solid foundation for school life.
  • Children adjust to their new environment, teacher and peers in a smaller group and for a shorter school session.
  • The teacher can focus on smaller groups and introduce the children to classroom routines and procedures and ease the transition for children so they will feel comfortable and valued as new members of the school community.
  • Helps teachers identify which children may need more support.

All Kindergarten students will begin full day attendance on Monday, September 21, 2015.