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Pro-D @ HGLN

November 29, 2014

​So what do the staff get up to on a pro-d day while the kids are off?

We engage in a variety of activies that help us become better teachers, better EAs, and a better school. Today we'd like a chance to share and celebrate the work that is done on pro-d days by the presenters and staff.


Janice Butchart presenting on restitution to the staff

​On the November 28th Pro-D we had a day of learning around social emotional well being that can help improve the whole school. In the morning we began with Scott McKay of SET BC presenting on Zones of Regulation. This is something that Ms. Snider has been working on the last few weeks with the whole school and this represented a chance for the staff to understand what it's all about.

After that Janice Butchart presented to us on restitution, which linked back in with the Zones of Regulation work incredibly well, and then a quick break for lunch and we were back at it to talk about how to continue our implementation of these ideas as a school.

​It was a busy, productive day and everyone got something that they could take away from it.