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News Item

Highglen Montessori Name Change

January 30, 2015


Now that we have settled in to our new, official home, the Montessori program will be undergoing a name change. Highglen represents an area of town and so we are unable to keep it now that we are across Prince George.

So what shall we call ourselves? We want to give that choice to you, the parents, students, teachers and other stakeholders including those in the local area who have always known 7005 Gladstone as Gladstone Elementary.

We are hoping for something that is interesting and different and not reflective of any part of Prince George should we ever have to move again in the far flung future. We want something that represents the culture and history of our Montessori program and what it means to our school and wider community.

Please visit the survey link here and help us choose our new name.