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PGMES Purdy's Fundraiser

March 24, 2015

Why should I order Purdy's today or ask a few friends to buy?

As many know already two of our teachers, Janice Butchart and Jody Hoffman have undertaken an extensive training with the Center for Guided Montessori Studies over the last few years. They have been working extremely hard with their teaching, their studies and mentoring other teachers at our school. The PGMES has helped them financially the past 2 summers for their Montessori certification and they have also made... a tremendous personal sacrifice in both time and money. Thank you Janice and Jody for your hard-work and dedication! Please like and share this post as a way of thanking these amazing teachers! Their training helps every child in our school due to their mentoring activities with other teachers.

Fundraising with the PGMES helps our teachers acquire Montessori training and certification. Because the majority of Montessori schools are expensive private schools that pay their teachers very well, it is very difficult to hire a trained Montessori teacher in the public system. We need to hire teachers that can see the value of Montessori and are willing to undertake more training…a very huge time commitment and expense on top of teaching that is not covered by the school district or Ministry of Education.

We have amazing teachers at Highglen but they need our support to learn even more about using the Montessori method.

I hope this helps clarify one of the main purposes of PGMES fundraising.

Don't worry if you can't eat chocolate due to allergies...the Kawano Farms meat fundraiser will be out soon as a result of many requests to bring it back! www.kawanofarms.ca

You can also make a cash donation to support teacher training and receive a tax receipt at www.pgmontessori.ca. Just $30 per month for 10 months or $300 per year would make a huge difference in increasing the level of training in our teachers…pretty cheap compared to private school!

Thanks for reading!

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