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Strategic Planning Sessions

April 15, 2015

We would love it if we could have at least one parent representing us at the May 13th one at PGSS. We will have staff present to make our views known in this consultation.

- Karin Paterson, Principal 

Good morning:


The Board of Education and School District No. 57 has embarked on a program to develop a shared mission, vision, core values and goals that will provide overall strategic direction for the school district over the next five years.


Members of our organization, partners, and the greater community will be consulted as part of the research component of this project. The engagement is important because it will allow us to gain valuable insights from those who are closest to SD No. 57.


As part of this initiative, we will be conducting a series of community engagement sessions in April and May to help us examine the current state of SD 57 and its future potential. Your voice and objective point-of-view are very important to us.


We would like to invite you attend one of our engaging research sessions that will be run in April and May.  You will note that each family of schools will host a research session.  However please be aware that Staff, PAC and School Partners can participate at the session most convenient to your schedule.


As each event can only accommodate a limited number of participants, your commitment to attending is very important to us. Please RSVP at your earliest convenience.


If you are keen to register right away, please visit our registration site at:




I hope that you will agree to participate. This is an important project for SD 57 as we prepare our strategic direction for the next five years. I am sure that you will find this project interesting and I am confident that we would benefit from your involvement in this engagement session.


Thanks you,


Brian Pepper