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Ready Set Learn Information

May 20, 2015

Dear Parents / Guardians of New Kindergarten Students:

As a newly enrolled sudent at Highglen Montessori Elementary Schoool, your child is invited to attend a very special event with their parent.

There are two groups organized for the morning of May 28 at 9:00 am and 10:30 am. You will be recieving a letter by mail that will say which group you and your child will be in.

We will be meeting at the main front door at Highglen Montessori to share a story, a snack, and a craft. From there both parent and child will go to the Early Primary Classroom to meet the teacher and explore materials in the classroom.

Welcom to Kindergarten / Ready, Set, Learn is a wonderful opportunity for your child to transition into their first year at Highglen Montessori.

We hope to see you there,


Laurie Lockhart

Ready Set Learn Facilitator

Highglen Montessori