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Thank you to all GALA volunteers

June 08, 2015


This year's Gala event was spectacular!!! For the size of our  community, we are truly amazing at coming together.

The theme was very clever and the photo booth and pinball machine just rounded out the fun!!

The space looked really amazing and the quality was top notch.

The hours and hours and hours and hours you have put in is truly amazing. We could not do our work without you. I am so impressed and proud of you. I can't imagine working with any other community!!!!

I can't say enough about the value of teacher training at all levels of our programs. The research clearly tells us that the most effective strategy we have is the teachers who facilitate student learning.

You are making a huge difference to the work we can do. We are getting closer and closer to becoming a world class Montessori school:-)

- Karin Paterson, Elementary Principal