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Polaris Montessori Elementary School (Choice Program)
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April Book Fair

March 04, 2016

Scholastic Book Fair is back at Polaris April 4th - 8th

Due to renovations it will be a little different:

1) Held in the library

2) Almost all items will be by order only - order items usually take less than a week to get in

3) Goal is $2000 (normally we make $3000+, however due to the smaller scale of the book fair we won't be able to do it quite the same.

4) Open to parents before school at 8 am and after school until 3:30 pm Tuesday - Thursday and Monday PM only and Friday AM only

So what will be featured?

Author Videos & Book Commercials - Some or all of these titles will be available at the fair

There will also be a flyer that goes next week and posters up around the school next week.

Mr. Jeffery is absent from the school March 28 - 31, but should still be able to answer emails if you have questions.