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Staff Directory


Name Email Voice mail Assignment
​Ms. A. Adams
Ms. L. Amaral lamaral@sd57.bc.ca 1144 Teacher
​Mrs. E. Barker​ebarker@sd57.bc.ca​1207​Teacher
​Ms. S. Batra​sbatra@sd57.bc.ca​--​EA
Ms. R. Beauregard rbeauregard@sd57.bc.ca 1230 Teacher
Mr. R. Bennett robennett@sd57.bc.ca 2117 Teacher
Mr. D. Bordendborden@sd57.bc.ca​Email​CTC Coordinator
Ms. J. Brade jbrade@sd57.bc.ca 1311 Sc. Lab Tech
Ms. K. Brochu kbrochu@sd57.bc.ca 1234 Teacher
Ms. J. Buchananjbuchanan@sd57.bc.ca​1131Youth Care Worker
Mr. S. Callahan scallahan@sd57.bc.ca 1415 Teacher
Mrs. B. Colarosabcolarosa@sd57.bc.ca​1213​Secretary
Mr. K. Collins​kcollins@sd57.bc.ca​1317​Teacher
Mrs. S. Danroth​sdanroth@sd57.bc.ca​--​EA
Ms. M. Dugdale mdugdale@sd57.bc.ca 1202        Teacher            ​
​Mrs. K. Edwardskedwards@sd57.bc.ca​1130 ​Teacher
Mr. M. Empey mempey@sd57.bc.ca 2118 Teacher
Mrs. C. Erricsoncerricson@sd57.bc.ca1410​Teacher
​Ms. R. Everitt
​reveritt@sd57.bc.ca​1226​Library Clerk
​Mr. N. Everett
Ms. C. Furlan cfurlan@sd57.bc.ca 1143 Teacher
Ms. P. Ghoshpghosh@sd57.bc.ca1140​Teacher
​Mrs. S. Ghourisghouri@sd57.bc.ca​1100​Secretary
Mr. C. Gilbert cgilbert@sd57.bc.ca 1217 Counsellor
Mr. S. Graboski sgraboski@sd57.bc.ca 1431   Teacher
Ms. K. Grant​kgrant@sd57.bc.ca​--​Custodian
Mrs. A. Grayangray@sd57.bc.ca1137​Ab. Ed. Worker
​Mr. P. Griffiths
Mr. W. Griffiths wgriffiths@sd57.bc.ca -- Custodian
​Mr. R. Heal​rheal@sd57.bc.ca​1105​Vice Principal (L-Z)
​Mrs. C. Hicks​chicks@sd57.bc.ca
​1102​Sr. Secretary
​Mr. M. Hunter​mahunter@sd57.bc.ca​1308​Teacher
​Mrs. C. Johnson
​cjohnson@sd57.bc.ca​1104​Vice Principal (A-K)
Mr. K. Jorgensen kjorgensen@sd57.bc.ca 1346 Teacher
​Ms. B. Jull
Ms. M. Karlson mkarlson@sd57.bc.ca -- Custodian
Ms. D. King daking@sd57.bc.ca-- EA
Mr. J. Kondratuk jkondratuk@sd57.bc.ca 1316 Teacher
Mr. T. Kuc tkuc@sd57.bc.ca 1411 Teacher
​Ms. C. Langford
​Ms. J. Lundy
Mr. S. MacRaesmacrae@sd57.bc.ca1106​Principal
Mr. J. Manganjamangan@sd57.bc.ca​1207​Teacher
Ms. S. Marjoibanks smarjoibanks@sd57.bc.ca
Mrs. H. McCannon​hmccannon@sd57.bc.ca​1327​Teacher
Ms. J. McManus jmcmanus@sd57.bc.ca 1205 Teacher
​Mr. C. Moe​cmoe@sd57.bc.ca​--​EA
Ms. B. Moffat bmoffat@sd57.bc.ca -- EA
Mr. M. Mohns mmohns@sd57.bc.ca 1318 Teacher
​Mrs. K. Moulderkmoulder@sd57.bc.ca1303​Teacher
Mr. D. Murguly dmurguly@sd57.bc.ca 2105 Teacher
​Mr. B. Northropbnorthrop@sd57.bc.ca​EmailCareer Education Coordinator
​Ms. A. O'Brienamobrien@sd57.bc.ca​1319​Teacher
​Ms. A. Parker
Ms. R. Pillipow rpillipow@sd57.bc.ca 1306 Teacher
​Mr. J. Pitman
Mrs. K. Radway​kradway@sd57.bc.ca​1441​Teacher (on leave)
​Ms. S. Ramm​sramm@sd57.bc.ca​--Custodian
Ms. L. Ramsey lramsey@sd57.bc.ca 1103 SASO
Ms. C. Richards crichards@sd57.bc.ca -- EA
​Mr. C. Sdoutz
Ms. J. Stewart​jstewart@sd57.bc.ca​2112​Teacher
Ms. L. Todd ltodd@sd57.bc.ca 1142 Teacher
​Mr. J. Toledo​jtoledo@sd57.bc.ca​1111​Computer Tech
Mr. J. Toma jtoma@sd57.bc.ca 2108 Teacher
Ms. D. Turmel dturmel@sd57.bc.ca 1107 Business Manager
​Ms. B. Van Bloois​bvanbloois@sd57.bc.ca​--​Custodian
Ms. A. vanderHoek avanderhoek@sd57.bc.ca 1218 Counsellor
Ms. D. Wenkoff dwenkoff@sd57.bc.ca -- Custodian
Ms. P. Wincure pwincure@sd57.bc.ca 1305 Teacher
Mr. G. Woolgar gwoolgar@sd57.bc.ca 1320 Teacher
Ms. R. Woolgar rwoolgar@sd57.bc.ca 1223 Librarian
Mr. W. Yule wyule@sd57.bc.ca 1139 Teacher
Ms. A. Zavaglia azavaglia@sd57.bc.ca -- EA