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April 17, 2019 -- 


Retirements at Morfee

On her last day at Morfee Elementary, teacher MaryAnn Rice did something that came as a surprise to no one at the Mackenzie school – she gave homemade cookies to all the staff members and students.

Rice retired from Morfee on March 15. During her years there, she often provided the school community with treats and meals. The kind gesture always produced smiles and allowed Rice – an avid baker and cook – an outlet for her goodies.

With March 15 being so close to St. Patrick's Day, Rice's cookies had a definite green theme to them.

Rice was an EA2 and also worked with Morfee's speech and language students. As well, she was an Aboriginal Education Worker for a period of time.

"MaryAnn cared deeply for our students and we will miss her," said Christa Barnes, Morfee's Principal.

Rice had company in her retirement celebration, as fellow Morfee teacher Shauna White also wrapped up her career on March 15. White was also an EA2. She worked with students ranging from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

"As a qualified EA, she was invaluable when working with our designated students," Barnes said. "We miss her as well."

Zone Science Fair

The annual Zone Science Fair, held at the University of Northern British Columbia on March 2, was a great success. Students from a record number of schools displayed a total of 155 projects. Schools represented at the fair were College Heights Secondary, D.P. Todd Secondary, Edgewood Elementary, Ecole College Heights, Ecole Lac des Bois, Heather Park Elementary, McBride Centennial Elementary and Morfee Elementary.

"It was quite an experience just to wander around and talk to the students and look at their projects," said Trustee Sharel Warrington, who attended the event alongside Trustee Ron Polillo. "These students represented their schools extremely well. They were anywhere from Grade 4 right through to Grade 12 and the youngest ones were incredible to talk to."

The Zone Science Fair was organized by Anjula Corbin, Ecole College Heights Principal.

"Anjula has been coordinating the science fair for many, many years and I'd like to congratulate Anjula on the incredible work that she has done for the district and for students of this district."


nusdeh yoh.jpg

 Nusdeh Yoh wins hockey tournament

At the season-ending Elementary School Hockey Tournament, held on April 11, Nusdeh Yoh skated to an undefeated record. Congratulations to the team and to all of the participants in this event.

  Board meeting

The next Board of Education Regular Public Meeting is scheduled for April 30 in McBride. The meeting will also be livestreamed on the School District No. 57 website.

cao_webeditor4/18/2019 4:22 PM
Information about Online Safety


As you may be aware, there have been recent media reports about a circulating online issue entitled "Momo Challenge". 

The North American Centre for Threat Assessment & Trauma Response and Safer Schools Together have provided the following information on this topic, for parents, students, staff, and the broader community:

The Momo Challenge first started in 2016 on a mobile instant messaging application called Whatsapp. A phone number associated with the name Momo and a picture of a girl with bulging eyes and widespread mouth would use a feature of the app called 'Quick Add' where the app would allow the user to add and message multiple numbers in a short period of time to then send messages back and forth with any individual who was willing to respond.

The nature of the messages usually start out innocent such as "wanna play a game?" which can then evolve into Momo encouraging the child to engage in self-harm and suicidal behaviours. The motive to follow through with the challenge is that Momo tells the child that they know where they live (the address can typically be found through reverse search of the phone number) along with their parent's name, which is generally connected to the phone number. This can escalate to threats towards family and or loved ones if they do not follow through with the challenge or if they contact local authorities.

Recently the Momo Challenge has reappeared in multiple YouTube videos that are specifically intended for younger audiences. Parents/Caregivers should carefully monitor what their children watch on YouTube and only allow them to watch trusted channels.

Online challenges such as the Momo Challenge unfortunately do circulate quite regularly. Parents should not overreact; however, it is important that they speak with their children regarding all aspects of their online activity and explain potential risk of using certain streaming platforms so that they can recognize dangerous online behaviour.

Students should be encouraged to report concerning online behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable to a trusted adult or through the anonymous erase|Report It tool at  https://erasereportit.gov.bc.ca/add/report-it


Key Reminders:

1. It is essential to stay vigilant when receiving reports of any students exhibiting "worrisome behaviours" especially those students who may be struggling at this time.

2.  Be aware that if there is a shift in the behavioural baseline of a student it is important to collect data in collaboration with local support agencies and conduct other assessments as required.

3.  Pay close attention to individuals who seem fixated on the Momo Challenge.

4.  The role that social media plays as both a risk enhancer as well as a prominent contributing source of data has never been stronger. A comprehensive review of the individual's online behaviour and digital footprint is where we find the most information. An accurate risk determination cannot be made without reviewing the entirety of their digital baseline.

5.  We collectively, staff, parents/ caregivers, need to "strategically" intensify our connections with our children who may be vulnerable to engaging in the Momo Challenge. The power of positive, meaningful human connection is one of the best prevention strategies we can utilize.


If you require more information, please call the School District No. 57 Central Adminstration Office @ 250-561-6800 , and ask for the Safer Schools contact.

cao_webeditor4/4/2019 1:47 PM
New Emergency Procedures


School District No. 57 (Prince George) new EMERGENCY PROCEDURES are now in effect.

2017.09.01 New Emergency Procedures.pdf

cao_webeditor3/15/2019 2:44 PM
Erase BullyingMorris Scarpino6/30/2017 9:49 AM
Digital Citizenship

kybd.jpgWith the growing use of technology by students both inside and outside of school, it is important to teach them how to be safe. Learning to be safe online is one thing that can stay constant in an ever changing technological world.  

This website provides resources, lessons, websites, and information on all things digital. It was a resource compiled and tested by teachers in School District 57.

Morris Scarpino6/9/2017 9:11 AM