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District Calendarscao_webeditor9/15/2017 10:25 AM
2017-2018 School Year Dates & Informationcao_webeditor8/9/2017 1:19 PM
Erase BullyingMorris Scarpino6/30/2017 9:49 AM
Digital Citizenship

kybd.jpgWith the growing use of technology by students both inside and outside of school, it is important to teach them how to be safe. Learning to be safe online is one thing that can stay constant in an ever changing technological world.  

This website provides resources, lessons, websites, and information on all things digital. It was a resource compiled and tested by teachers in School District 57.

Morris Scarpino6/9/2017 9:11 AM
SD57 Career EducationMorris Scarpino6/9/2017 9:02 AM