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Student/Teacher Learning Block - Wednesdays at 2:04 to 3:04 pm

July 04, 2018

Student Teacher Learning Time is now on Wednesdays at 2:04 to 3:04 p.m.

This time is available to students to complete homework assigned during the day and to increase student particpation in clubs offered.

Grade 8 Students are invited to join the following clubs:

Comic Book - Mr. Graboski

Drama - Mr. Graboski

Alpha Group - Mrs. Dugdale

Skateboarding - Mr. Haiste

Open Gym - Mr. Callahan

Auto/Go Cart - Mr. Jorgensen

Tutorial - Mr. Toma

Table Top Games - Mr. Sdoutz

Choir - Mrs. Radway

Weight Lifting - Kuc/Murguly

Yearbook - Ms. Coverdale

Metalshop - Mr. Griffiths

Me 2 We - Mrs. Beauregard

Woodworking - Mrs. McCannon

Animation - Ms. Adams

Join up by contacting the teacher sponsor.