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News Item

UNBC or CNC Dual Credit Program

November 24, 2020

SD 57 students in Grade 12 who are in good standing and have the recommendation from their principal or guidance counsellor may enroll with UNBC or CNC in order to earn credits that can be used jointly as elective credits towards high school graduation and as first year university credits towards a degree.  This program is designed to allow high school students the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in a university-level course while at the same time earning credits towards their high school diploma.  High school students who successfully complete a course(s) can also apply the credits earned towards their future university degree.  The courses offered to SD 57 students will be first-year UNBC or CNC courses.

While students may take up to 3 courses from UNBC or CNC for dual credit, they may only take one course at a time.  Upon completion of the course(s), a transcript will be mailed to SD 57 Prince George.  It should be noted that successful completion of a dual high school/university credit course does not guarantee future admission to UNBC or CNC.