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Shas Ti Kelly Road Secondary
Dry Grad

Dry Grad:

Please note that all events and fundraising on this page are conducted by parents and students involved with parent sponsored Dry Grad  for the Dry Grad celebration.

Dry Grad and Prom are parent organized events at Shas Ti Kelly Road Secondary.

Julia Clemson (julesdrc@gmail.com) has agreed to act as a parent contact person for these events.

You may also contact STKRSSGrad2021 for more information or to help out with the organizing of Dry Grad and prom

Dry Grad/Prom 2021 Committee

Chair - Julia Clemson
Co-Chair - Karen Becker
Secretary - Andrea Payne
Social Media - Dawn Dreher and Tara Latkowski
Treasurer - Tara Szerencsi
Directors:  Bonnie Seitz, Laurie Fillion, Sam Cartwright, Treena Dawe, Gina Sampson, Sharlene Jarvis