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Ecole Lac des Bois Elementary
Un pour tous, tous pour un
Aboriginal Education at Lac des Bois

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At École Lac des Bois we work hand in hand with School District 57's Indigenous Education Department to provide our students with an inclusive environment in which they connect with the First People's culture, lore, and history. Our Indigenous Education Worker strives to provide a student-centered model of service that covers all aspects of a child's development.


School District No.57 Policy on Indigenous Education

“Indigenous education” is the incorporation of Indigenous perspectives and philosophies in all curricular areas to inform all students of the past and contemporary lifestyles, indigenous knowledge and histories of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. Indigenous education encompasses the rich traditions and values of the various Indigenous people and applies those concepts to relevant issues facing Indigenous children and youth today, throughout curriculum and cultural activities in positive, student-centered learning experiences.

For more information Indigenous Education in School District 57, please visit Indigenous Education Department Website