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Nusdeh Yoh Elementary
Rooted in Aboriginal world views, culture, and language
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Indigenous Choice Program School
Nusdeh Yoh (House of the Future)

The First Nation, Metis and Inuit peoples have a unique relationship within Canada. Policy acknowledges their role as the First Peoples, recognizes the historic contributions of Indigenous communities and their diverse cultures, and acknowledges the vital role that the Indigenous communities play today and into the future. The establishment of an Indigenous Choice School represents a unique responsibility and opportunity to promote harmonious relationships and the co-existence of Indigenous and non- Indigenous people alike.

All students are entitled to an education that validates, recognizes, and facilitates the revitalization of First Nation, Metis, and Inuit cultures, histories, values, and languages.

Nusdeh Yoh,  “house of the future”, was chosen as our First Nation, Metis and Inuit culture and language school name. The name selection, of the local Dakelh language, involved consultation with elders, parents, staff, and students. All partners desired a name that represented the hope inherent in this school to affect meaningful change in the lives of our children, families, and the greater community.

In the context of Nusdeh Yoh, student success is a wholistic measure. We know that the emotional health and well being of our students is fundamental to their ability to access instruction and fully participate in their learning. Our focus on Restorative Practice is more than a philosophy of student discipline. It is an acknowledgement of the need for respectful relationships between all members of our school community and forms the foundation for a positive, welcoming school environment for all learners and participants.

Nusdeh Yoh welcomes all learners!

Nusdeh Yoh Elementary

2579 Victoria Street, Prince George, BC, V2L 2M3 Phone: (250) 562-7201 |Fax: (250) 562-7970 | We respectfully acknowledge that School District No. 57 resides on the unceded ancestral lands of the Lheidli T'enneh First Nations, McLeod Lake Indian Band and the Simpcw First Nation. It is our honour to walk alongside our indigenous communities in educating our students.