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Prince George Secondary School
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Since inception of the PGSS High Performance (HP) class there have been over 100 Students involved in winning BC Provincial Banners.

PGSS has been part of winning 9 Provincial titles in 12 years.

2018-2019 - Cariboo Cougars - BC Midget Playoff Champions                                                                                          

Entire team in PGSS HP Class

2018-2019 - Bantam Zone Team - BC Bantam Tier 1 Provincial Champions                                                            

10 players in PGSS HP Class

2016-2017 - Cariboo Cougars - BC Major Midget League Champions

   - BC Major Midget Playoff Champions

Entire team in PGSS HP Program

2016-2017 - Prince George Midget Tier 1 Cougars, BC Champions

13 Players in PGSS HP Program

2015-2016 - Prince George Midget Tier 1 - SIX tournament wins

   - BC Midget Tier 1 Provincial Champions                                                                      

 16 players in PGSS HP Program

2015-2016 - Northern Capitals Female  - Calgary Mac's Tournament Champions  

-BC Female AAA Provincial Champions                                        

13 players in PGSS HP Class

2014-2015 - BC Major Midget League Champions                                                                                             

Entire team in PGSS HP Class

2014-2015 - Calgary Mac's International Tournament Champions                                                            

Entire team in PGSS HP Class

2014-2015 - BC Female Major Midget League Champions                                                                                                

13 student-athletes in PGSS HP Class

2014-2015 - BC Female Major Midget Playoff Champions                                                                                                     

13 student-athletes in PGSS HP Class

2011-2012 - BC Tier 1 Midget Provincial Champions                                                                                                 

 6 student-athletes  in PGSS HP Class 

2007-2008 - BC Major Midget Playoff Champions                                                                                                                        

 8 student-athletes  in PGSS HP Class