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2019-20 School Policies

Policy 3541.35 Winter Weather 2.pdf

Policy 3542.3 Healthy Food Choices in Schools.pdf

Policy 5101 - Financial Hardship.pdf

Policy 5131 District Code of Student Conduct.pdf

Policy 6179 - Acceptable use of Networks.pdf

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2020.02.14.foundry.circle of security.PNG

Supporting Children and Youth During Traumatic Events

Please click link below:

Traumatic Events.pdf

Draft PGSS Core Competencies - Parent Feedback

Over the past three months we have been working to develop a set of building wide core competencies for our school. We are at the point where we have a draft copy of these competencies and we would like parent input as we move forward. Please take a look at our Draft Core Competencies and feel free to send any feedback you might have to: coturner@sd57.bc.ca We have included the Ministry Competency Profiles to use as a guide when you are viewing our Draft Core Competencies. Feedback will be accepted until Friday, November 30th.

Draft PGSS Core Competencies - Parent Feedback.PNG

Core Competencies  - Ministry Profiles.JPG

To access the above two pictures in larger versions, please click on the links below:

Draft PGSS Core Competencies - Parent Feedback.PNG

Ministry Competency Profiles.pdf



Guideline for Parents.PNG



Please feel free to contact the school at any time with any questions. Information has also been included below of a few of the several support agencies in the community.

Counsellors - PGSS     250-562-6441

Administration - PGSS     250-562-6441

Mental Health Services     250-565-2668

24 Hr Crisis Centre/Line     250-563-1214 / 1-888-562-1214

Prince George Native Friendship Centre     250-564-3568

Intersect     250-562-6639

Foundry     236-423-1571



PAC Meeting Minutes

Pac Minutes Sept 20, 2018.pdf


Communicating Student Learning: PGSS Pilot for Grades 7 & 8

PGSS has a commitment to ongoing communication between school, students and parents.  This proram will enourage continuous improvement and learning for students.  No percents or letter grades will appear on formal report cards until their final report, but these will be available on request any time.  Final reports will show letter grades only.  Please see the brochure below for more information: 

Communicating Student Learning parent information 2017.pdf