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Quinson Elementary
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Educational Videos

Free Educational Videos

Nova Online Videos  *Full videos, many topics

National Geographic  *Videos and Wildlife Cams 

100 Best Youtube Educational Videos  *All grades, All Subjects

*Some videos for students, some for "how to teach"

BrainPOP *Science Movies

Free Science and Other Videos  *All subjects

Wild Classroom *Plant and Animal Videos

Poison Adventure *How to Avoid Posions - plants, house, etc.

Safety Videos  *Animated, Internet/Stranger Safety, Great Music!

Jan Brett's How To Draw Videos *How to Draw Animals

Math Videos *Grades 2-7, How to videos, various skills

NFB Education *K-7, National Film Board, All Subject Areas

Math Master *Grades 2-7, Math Videos-all skills

Body Systems *Grades 2-7, Movies About Each Body System

Kids Can Draw *Grades K-2, How to Draw Videos

You Tube Education *K-7, Videos-All Subjects

Into the Books *K-7, Videos-Reading Strategies, Excellent!

Kids Know It *K-7, Interactive Videos-All Subjects!

Discover Primary Math and Science *K-6, Videos/Activity Sheets-All Topics, Primary and Intermediate 

WatchKnowLearn *K-7, Videos, All Subjects

Turtle Diary *K-2, Cartoon format, All Subjects

NEO *K-12, All Subjects-videos, activities, games

Dr. Seuss Videos

Crawford the Cat *K-1, Videos About Being Responsible/Manners