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Quinson Elementary
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Projector/Smartboard Interactive Sites:


GEC Computers in Classroom  *K-7, Resources/Sites

Elementary Interactive Smartboard Sites *K-7, All Subjects

Netrover Smartboard Activities *Primary, All Subjects

Smartboard Templates *K-7, All subjects

Smart Exchange  *K-7, Lesson Plans - All Subjects

Interactive Internet Resources *K-7, All Subjects, Tools

Topmarks *K-2, Letters and Sounds

Scholastic-Interactive Lessons *K-7, All Subject Areas

Mrs. Hurley's ESL *K-7, All Subject Areas, Links to Many Sites

The Teacher's Guide *K-7, Math Sites, Resources, Templates

Phonemic Activities *K-2, Rhyming, Initial Sounds

Oak Street School *K-1, Alphabet, Phonics, Sightwords

Letters and Sounds *K-3, Very cool phonics games!