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Southridge Elementary
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Demographic Data

Southridge Elementary is located in the western area of the city and are part of the College Heights Family of Schools.  The College Heights Family of Schools consists of:  College Heights Secondary and Southridge, Ecole College Heights, Malaspina, Vanway, and Beaverly Elementary Schools.  The schools work together on a number of family initiatives, providing student opportunities for band, literacy and social-emotional learning.

We enroll a population of 367 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7.  Our staff consists of a principal; a senior secretary; 15 classroom teachers; a teacher-librarian; learning assistance and support teachers; part-time ELL, music, band, and student/teacher leadership teachers; a library clerk, 13 classroom education assistants; a full-time Aboriginal Education Worker; and 2 custodians.  Our school profile is as follows:  ELL students-20%; Aboriginal students-14%; and Special Needs students-10%.