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Van Bien Elementary
Van Bien ROARS For Learning
About Us


Van Bien Elementary is a Positive Behaviour Support urban school that serves approximately two hundred fifteen children from kindergarten to grade seven. It is a well maintained school with eleven classrooms, an established library learning commons,  4 mobile technology labs, a full size gym, and a large playing field with an excellent playground.  Our school has committed teachers and support staff, including two Aboriginal Education worker, a Youth Care Worker and a Community Schools Coordinator.  We offer inclusive learning Assistance, English Language Learning, and Support for students with Individual Education needs.  Every year, our school provides students with a substantial number of cultural and athletic extra-curricular activities.  

Van Bien teaching staff engage in the Professional Learning Community early dismissal Wednesday model.  Hours of instruction or added throughout the week to ensure ministry guidelines for instructional minutes are met.  During PLC time teachers work together to focus on improving student achievement at Van Bien.

Van Bien's population is diverse, with students from a range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.  We recognize that each child is a special person whose individual needs and characteristics must be respected.   We also know that developing academic and behaviour skills and promoting achievement success is our work.  Our stated purpose is "To maximize learning for all in a safe, inclusive environment." We recognize the importance of developing positive self-esteem, social skills, cultural understanding, and physical abilities.  To achieve these goals, we work hard to
  • offer stimulating learning experiences at an appropriate level in all curriculum areas
  • create and maintain a safe learning environment in which all students feel secure
  • provide activities and situations which foster children's social development and contribute to their emotional growth and well-being
  • encourage children to respect themselves, other individuals and cultures, and the world around them

We believe that parents, families, and care givers play a crucial role in determining their children's success at school, and we see you as key partners in our educational endeavors.  We'll do our best to keep you informed about your child's progress as together we work to maximize learning and success.