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Van Bien Elementary
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Aboriginal Education

The Aboriginal Education Department offers a variety of services with the goal of closing the educational/opportunity gap for Aboriginal students. The goal is to infuse Aboriginal perspectives across the curriculum for all students as well as by providing direct wrap-around supports to enhance the overall achievement of Aboriginal students throughout the School District No. 57.

Aboriginal Education Workers strive to improve the awareness of Aboriginal peoples; through one-on-one, group support; as well as classroom presentations to weave Aboriginal Culture into curriculum.

The Aboriginal Education Workers assist Aboriginal students and their families in understanding the school system and in participating effectively in the school community. These learning experiences serve to foster authentic student engagement, to reinforce pride and self-esteem amongst Aboriginal students. The Aboriginal Education Worker encourages Aboriginal students to see themselves in a positive way to establish a sense of belonging in the community.

Family of Schools

The Aboriginal Education Department has aligned with School District No.57's Family of Schools model and has attached Aboriginal Learning focus options.

The Five Learning Foci are:

  • Culture and Language
  • Elders and Indigenous Knowledge
  • Rediscovery and Traditional Environmental Knowledge
  • Youth and Leadership
  • Restitution and Restorative Practice

The Aboriginal Education Workers' role within School District 57 is to liaise with teachers, counsellors, administrators, Aboriginal students, families, and community agencies. The Aboriginal Education Worker supports classroom teachers in meeting the educational needs of Aboriginal students, and will conduct home and community visits. The Aboriginal Education Worker encourages Aboriginal parents to participate in the education of their children and to access community services and agencies as appropriate.

The Aboriginal Education Worker provides traditional Aboriginal guidance to Aboriginal students and their families. The Aboriginal Education Worker assists in the development and implementation of specific academic and social interventions with Aboriginal students who present unique and challenging behaviours.

The Aboriginal Education Worker collaborates with the school staff to promote and develop Aboriginal cultural events in School District No.57 and encourages cross-cultural training.

Teachings and Support

•Home and school support for students and families.

•Social and emotional support for students and families.

•Breakfast and lunch program.

•Referrals and advocate to community support services.

•Aboriginal Social Worker support with referral.

•Teacher referrals and support.

•Cultural Knowledge, Seven Teachings.

•Cultural Activities

•Inclusive class teachings meeting curriculum.

•School wide cultural performances.

• Social play and social skill groups.

• Boys and girls groups.

• Afterschool Cultural programs.

*Culture and Language

This year we are providing full school morning nutrition program to enhance student learning. We have had positive feedback from all staff and students. We are currently looking at grants to help support the cost of this program, any financial assistance would be appreciated. We are also looking for volunteers to help with food preperation, if you can help in any way please let us know.

This year we will be fundraising for the Aboriginal programs within the school by selling Bannock on every other Monday, and hot lunch ex. Pizza Days. If you would like to volunteer, please let us know.