This policy manual is designed to provide ready access to Board bylaws, policies, regulations and administrative procedures of School District No. 57 (Prince George). This online manual consolidates and replaces all previous printed versions of the manual.

Manual Structure and Contents

The policy manual is divided into ten sections, as follows:

  • Section 1: Community Relations
  • Section 2: Administration
  • Section 3: Business and Non-Instructional Operations
  • Section 4: Personnel
  • Section 5: Students
  • Section 6: Instruction
  • Section 7: Buildings and Grounds
  • Section 8: Internal Board Policies
  • Section 9: Bylaws

Policy Development and Revision Process

Policy 8310 governs the policy development process. The Policy and Governance Committee oversees all development and revision of Board policy. (For information on the Board's committees, click here.)


Draft Policies 

New policies and significant amendments to existing policies are approved by the Board in principle and sent out to reference groups to allow opportunity for input.  To see the current list of draft policies, click here.


If you wish to provide input to the Board on any draft policy, you may do so as follows:

By mail:  Board of Education, 2100 Ferry Avenue, Prince George, V2L 4R5

By fax:  (250) 561-6820 By e-mail:    Executive Assistant