CIDES Registration Opening

CIDES Registration Opening
June 17th - CIDES Registration will re-open until July 5th 
We can only accept students living in SD57 catchment area.
Students registering in courses need to be completed by June 30th, 2025. 
For more information, access to application packages and course offerings, you can visit our website:
K-9 Registration
Start Date: September 2024
10-12 Registration
Start Date: available now 
- Part-time, cross enrolled with another SD57 Secondary School (2 courses max) and we will need your Secondary School counsellor or designate to endorse the courses 
- Full time (you will need to meet with an academic advisor) 
Adult Registration
Start Date: available now
- In grade 10-12 courses online only
It is important that we have active participation in our online courses. All students in grade 10-12 courses need to be active in their course(s) by September 15, 2024, or they will be removed and have to re-register. 
You can reach our office at 250-564-6574 or [email protected] or at 3400 Westwood Drive.