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District Student Advisory Committee (DSAC)


DSAC is a student body that represents each of the secondary schools in School District No. 57 (Prince George).  We were established as a means to strengthen communications between the Board of Education and the district’s student population.   



1.  Advise the Board of School Trustees of student opinions on educational and operational policies and procedures.   

2.  Provide a liaison and communication link between the Board of School Trustees and the district’s student population. 

3.  Identify and bring to the attention of the Board of School Trustees issues and concerns affecting the district’s student population. 

4.  Serve as an advocate for the district’s student population.


If you would like more information or would like to be a part of DSAC, please email [email protected]

For more detailed information, see the Regulations in the school district policy manual, specifically Policy 5133.2 District Student Advisory Council.