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Registration FAQ

What do I need to register my child for school?

You will need an original of your child's birth certificate, your child's BC Services card (or Care Card) and a proof of your current address within the School District 57 area.


My child's 5th birthdate is next January, can I register them in Kindergarten for this school year?

No, your child's 5th birthdate must fall before December 31 of the school year to register for Kindergarten.


What is my catchment school?

You can find out the catchment school for your current address using the search tool on the SD57 registration website.  Click here to open the website.


If I am applying to a Choice Program do I also register at my catchment school?

You do not need to complete an application for both a Choice Program and your catchment school.  If there are not enough seats available a lottery will be completed within a week of Kindergarten registration opening, if your child is not accepted to the choice program you will then need to register your child at your catchment school.


What if I cannot find my child's birth certificate, can I use a photocopy?

A photocopy will not be accepted, if you are unable to obtain an original we will also accept a passport or citizenship card in the child's name.  You may also want to order a new birth certificate ahead of time if necessary, if you need assistance with this please contact your school and they can help.


I will be moving in the next few weeks/months to a new address, where do I register?

Register at the catchment school for where you currently live, a proof of current address is required as part of registration.


Can I register my child at a school close to my daycare/childcare that is not my catchment school?

You may request a transfer for your child to attend a non-catchment school through an online process open in February each year through the SD57 registration website.  If accepted, the registration change would begin in September of the next school year.  Acceptance is based on availability of space and approval by the school principal.  Any additional transfer requests may not be submitted for a year.  Visit the SD57 Registration website for more information.


What if I choose to defer kindergarten and register next year?

You may defer registration in school for one year past your child's 5th birthdate.  If you choose to defer a year your child will be placed in Grade 1 when they begin school.


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